Amanda McGowan is an illustrator headed for the game and film industries. She is interested in getting to know you, plus games of all kinds, music of the funky or electronic varitey, and Steampunkery.

Amanda has a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration from the University of Hartford’s Hartford Art School, and has been a professional artist for five years.

Professional Experience:
Creating images and panel art which entertain and appeal.
Working confidently and kindly in a group environment or a self-motivated environment.
Adhering to set parameters such as aesthetic, design, focus, and production timeline.
Solving problems which arise within a given task.
Brainstorming new concepts and produce tangible visual solutions to clients’ needs.
Having a focused and helpful attitude.

Learn new art media software.
Work as an artist for a video game development studio.
Update my portfolio and develop my craft.
Network with other video game industry focused people.

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4 responses to “Bio

  1. Chris Pandoli

    Hey. I just wanted to let ya know that I am thoroughly enjoying your website. I love how artistic and creative you are. I really loved your pokemon (pikachu and meowth strip). I found it highly amusing. You seem like a really cool person too. Very passionate and driven. I myself do some drawing once in a while but I’m not that good. I only have one piece that I am fairly proud of. Anyways, I look forward to seeing what else you post 🙂

    • Wow thanks so much for the compliments! It is extremely encouraging to me to know that you enjoy what I am doing. If I write a you a few questions that I would like to ask you about your hobbies and interests – interview style – would you be interested in being featured in a blog entry? I am trying to get a feel for who my audience is and your input would be a step in the right direction!

  2. Drew

    Just found your blog. I like the teapot graphic.
    Are you going to keep on with this blog? I think just sticking with it over time is the most important part of it…

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