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Hey peeps. I was just reading an article about people with my kind of personality and it suggested that we have to be careful, lest our natural positivity run away with us. I realized that I have been overly positive with you. In my head I want to be so much more than I can in reality. I’m sorry for overstepping myself! I hope you will not be disappointed… but I can understand if you are.

Here! I have some things to show you. These are two of my completed interior design projects:

I am changing my angle from video games to anything goes. I’m not ready to tie myself down to any one angle right now. I kept trying to, but I’m starting to rediscover my passion (which I feel was lost in college and still missing until about April of this year) and it’s taking me in unexpected directions.

One thing I found out is that I truly, truly have no desire to work as an artist for corporate America. An annoying discovery since my major in college was Illustration. Another thing is that I work naturally in a way that is completely different than how I was taught in college. In college, we have three projects going at once and we spend all our time getting them done within a deadline. Right now I am rebelling against that idea.

I went to the Big E last weekend, and in the Connecticut building I met an artist named Judy Derench who does wood carvings for Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. She told me that she has 80 plus projects going at any one time. And she works on whichever one she feels like on any given day. One by one she finishes them, and then she sells them through the Animal Kingdom shops, and for herself at festivals.

I want to have lots of projects going at once like Judy. I don’t consider this an excuse for my lack of art – but I do consider it an explanation: that I am in the process of starting lots of projects right now, and it’s going to take some time before any one batch of them comes through. This is a more free way to do things and it is making me happy, so that’s what I’m going to do.

In closing for this post, I have one last piece to show you – As a gift I made a printing press plate for my sister’s wedding invitation. It was an amazing time. The information and names are changed for privacy. Have a great month, friends!


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Buzz buzz

Hi everyone!

This month I do not have any digital art to share with you. I have invested my artistic time in voraciously designing/coding/ story-writing an interactive story in Ren’Py. Side projects have included traveling around to sketch things, decorating an accent wall in my room, sewing a pillowcase, and studying interior design to further my understanding of environment art.

This coming month is going to be verrry interesting. I do imagine that by then I will have something to show for my efforts. I plan to finish two paintings for September, one being a digital background for the interactive story, and the other being an oil painting of an environment.

I plan this interactive story to be a longterm investment! Very exciting.

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Intention runs alongside creation.

This is something I wrote in my sketchbook as accompaniment to my sketching. It is another means to communicate this idea I have in my head.

A window part as exaggerated statement; a place for the story of failure and courage. In a dojo, the symbolic place of preparation for conflict, light streams in the asian windows as sweaty, courageous, diligent, and wild. It pours on the hard surfaces of wood and plaster and stone, which manifest themselves as a testament of humanity’s false inner strength. The light eats through them like a bath of acid, and the people there are incinerated by the weight of their task and the futility of their strength.

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The best way to become an Animator

I wrote this to a friend I recently made on Facebook who is not from this country and doesn’t know where to start the process of becoming an Animator in America. It’s useful information that is worth posting here, too. Many thanks to the industry professionals I’ve come in contact with who have taught me what I know so far!

The best way to become an animator is to learn all of the art skills, learn how the industry works, and make acquaintances who are already in the industry. They will inform you of job openings that are not advertised, help you to develop your skills, and teach you about how the industry works. There are different ways to find these people.
1. Go to a college or certification program to learn art skills and meet the teachers who have all worked in the industry. This website helps to recommend a good animation college: and there are many other sites like this. Many industry art jobs are in California, Seattle, and New York so think about picking a college in those areas to have more chances at getting hired right out of school.
2. You can’t get any job as an animator until you have completed an internship. You need an art portfolio better than everyone else to get an internship. The art portfolio is the collection of art (or animation) that you show when you apply to a job. You need to make animations to fill up your portfolio. So start making animations and get yourself known as soon as possible.
3. Visit conventions and festivals to meet industry professionals. If you go to college here you will be closer to these things. Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

Those are all very important things to do in order to even have a CHANCE to be an animator. Even then, it is a very difficult industry to get into. It takes a lot of hard work and you have to be sure that you are willing to make art at least 50-60 hours per week, making only a living wage (25,000 per year). Animators work very hard.

He Man!

I don’t get comments on my blog very often, but I invite you readers to add your advice if you think I’m wrong or I’ve missed an important point. Thanks for reading!


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The Angriest Dog in the World

I just recommended a comic series to a friend of mine, and I thought I’d post it up here. It’s written by David Lynch, known by most people as a film director. A friend of mine introduced me to Lynch’s films, which I find emotionally disturbing (afterwards I stumbled on the comic). For whatever reason my mind keeps coming back to them again and again, trying to sort out his perverse surrealism.

Anyway I find his comic hosts an interesting sense of humor. The main character never says anything but he is privy to all kinds of weird conversations that go on inside his house.

This website has a few more of them on it, too:

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Things you didn’t know about me, perhaps.

A letter I recently wrote to a friend of mine in which I discuss my leadership personality as defined by the Jung/Briggs Myers test. You can read about the two types I mention here. Or take the quiz for yourself if you so desire.

About me:

When entering into an illustration project I operate on a loose time framework structured around consideration of my desire for the outcome of a project. As a working illustrator I function as an INTP, and my failures as such are based on a miscalculation of time or my capacity for the technique involved.

In my overall life experience however, I certainly wear the rose colored glasses and the vorpal blade of an INFP. My leadership skillset is based on “understanding” rather than “knowledge,” and that’s the P vs. J difference. I haven’t “lost my sense of wonder” as the article says about INFPs. While in the workplace I am a weak I, T, and P, I take on other characteristics when trying to understand and internalize what I observe and interact with in my free time. I do have that “knightly, quixotic” essence as I am loyal to the cause of helping to aid God’s purpose wherever I go. I certainly don’t spend as much time fantasizing as I did as a kid. Life has crusted over my trust in people somewhat, and being exposed to and needing to live with cynical, cruel people has cut the edge off of my naivete. God has given me a strength of reason and timing I didn’t have before I began to follow him in highschool, and has given me the purpose of delving into sorting through the reality of the human condition, and trying to communicate what I see to others in a meaningful way. Generally my time is devoted to artistic, emotional, situational, and interpersonal “problem solving,” and that is the bulk of what I journal about. (I’m an avid journal writer and occasional poet.) All of this problem solving has a grand theme of the joy I take in learning, usually for the purpose of becoming a better fighter for the Love coming into the world. My art is more about observational commentary than straight up fantasy these days: the life of a cartoonist as I see it.


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The art I love to be a part of.

My good friend Crimson Raccoon (click here for his twitter feed) directed me to news a Steampunk art book being published out of the UK. Whenever I hear about Steampunk art going on around me I react in two different ways at the same time.

First off, it causes me to desire to be part of a contemporary fantasy art movement. Legalistically speaking I don’t act much like a Steampunk, but by the spirit of the law I consider myself one. I have an interest in the Victorian era, enjoy the Science Fiction novels from the period, like to dress up like a Steampunk on a few particular occasions, and I like talking to other Steampunks. But for whatever reason, I haven’t figured out exactly why, I don’t feel drawn to making Steampunk art. Which leads to my second reaction.

A dictator rough concept sketch from Kevin Chen's website. Click the image to visit it. He is one of my favorite concept artists.

I ask myself, “What is it that I’m involved in artistically?” And I come up with the answer that I enjoy really good Science Fiction and Fantasy, and it comes from all over the map. And I want to be able to talk about all of it with my art. I belong to a global culture of people who enjoy events like Dr. Sketchy’s, Massive Black, and the Spectrum Exhibition (mentioned in this entry). Those are the artists I want to share ideas with, and the companies and clients I want to work for often invest in their art.

I try out whatever freelance work comes my way: editorial/magazine, children’s book, and advertising illustration, but I don’t always feel like I am succeeding even though my client is happy with the work I do. I keep having to shut up different parts of my imagination and creative drive because it isn’t suitable for the kind of art I am making. I ask myself: “Is that professionalism? Is that the burden of being an artist for hire? Am I just uncommonly repressed?”

When I draw robots, and get involved in making and experiencing concept art of all kinds, I feel alive in my entirety. I can just be me, and that feels amazing. The job market for someone with my interests is daunting. I am only at the beginning of my career, and the beginning of my awareness of who I want to become as an artist. But a challenge is not going to stop me from becoming me. I am so glad for you all: my friends and readers because I know you are people out there all over the world who feel interested in and passionate about same the things that I do, and I revel in the hope that some day one of you may invest in the work of a personality like me.

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