Hey peeps. I was just reading an article about people with my kind of personality and it suggested that we have to be careful, lest our natural positivity run away with us. I realized that I have been overly positive with you. In my head I want to be so much more than I can in reality. I’m sorry for overstepping myself! I hope you will not be disappointed… but I can understand if you are.

Here! I have some things to show you. These are two of my completed interior design projects:

I am changing my angle from video games to anything goes. I’m not ready to tie myself down to any one angle right now. I kept trying to, but I’m starting to rediscover my passion (which I feel was lost in college and still missing until about April of this year) and it’s taking me in unexpected directions.

One thing I found out is that I truly, truly have no desire to work as an artist for corporate America. An annoying discovery since my major in college was Illustration. Another thing is that I work naturally in a way that is completely different than how I was taught in college. In college, we have three projects going at once and we spend all our time getting them done within a deadline. Right now I am rebelling against that idea.

I went to the Big E last weekend, and in the Connecticut building I met an artist named Judy Derench who does wood carvings for Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. She told me that she has 80 plus projects going at any one time. And she works on whichever one she feels like on any given day. One by one she finishes them, and then she sells them through the Animal Kingdom shops, and for herself at festivals.

I want to have lots of projects going at once like Judy. I don’t consider this an excuse for my lack of art – but I do consider it an explanation: that I am in the process of starting lots of projects right now, and it’s going to take some time before any one batch of them comes through. This is a more free way to do things and it is making me happy, so that’s what I’m going to do.

In closing for this post, I have one last piece to show you – As a gift I made a printing press plate for my sister’s wedding invitation. It was an amazing time. The information and names are changed for privacy. Have a great month, friends!


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  1. Karthik

    Good to hear you are not restricting your creativity to one form. That is a quality of a true artist. 🙂

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