It’s here!

What I had previously posted on the monthly art page:

“Hey! It’s been a while, eh? Currently I’m traversing artistic territory that’s new for me and it’s provided me with quite the challenge. I’m game if you are!

Since the end of March I’ve been studying (when I have time to) the choreography of martial arts fight scenes and the compositional choices in displaying such a scene in a film or an illustration. I’ve perused the work of other illustrators and photographers, watched classic martial arts movies such as Jet Li’s “Fist of Legend” and Jackie Chan’s “Drunken Master,” started reading a book by the famous Japanese swordsman Musashi on his martial strategies, and reflected on my own experiences practicing martial arts over the years. Here is a clip from my sketchbook in which I imagine a choreographed sequence, and a perspective that it might be fun to display it from. There are also a bunch of random-word-associations on the page that lay bare my subconscious associations on the subject of action, martial arts, and fighting. I put squares around the groupings of words that have a potentially significant underlying connection or evoke a feeling of motion.

As much as I would like to do a sequential art piece on the subject (and plan to in the near future), my current project is a single really awesome panel. It is a dramatic step forward for me in my artistic mission and calling. I hope that for you it will be worth the wait.”


Finally, you can view my finished panel! It’s in the next post. Cheers!


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