Comic making process

I posted this entry on the featured art page a couple of weeks ago and now am transferring here:

Hooray! I finished the all important graphic design commission on time. And lucky you, because of that I didn’t manage to finish today’s entry so I’m going to show you my process instead. So consider this entry “The Making of ‘Long Long Time,’ a three panel sequential art work.”

First I figured out what I want to talk about with this project. I am really digging songs with space themed metaphors in the lyrics right now. I put on Elton John’s “Rocket Man” and figured out specifically what it had been saying to me over the years. I drew up a sketch of a interplanetary raider ship that I wanted to show blasting through the atmosphere, because to me that scenario represents a character with the drive to push himself into a world that nobody on the planet he’s leaving can relate to; a world that is essential to his sense of self.

Once I had my opening scene and the direction to take it in from there imagined, I wrote out a brief poem that would further explain or compliment the images, evoked sensations, and subject I had in mind. The essential number of visual images I would need to draw to tell my story was three. Next I set the pace for how long I wanted the reader’s mind to dwell on each panel. I broke the poem up into small segments that felt sensical and made rhythm with the images. Principles of graphic design, comic illustration, and poetry guided me when placing the text inside of the paneled images.

Currently I’m working on a bigger, more finished pencil draft, and I have chosen to use traditional media this time around. I haven’t done anything traditional for a while so I had started to miss it. To be honest, my hand still likes pencil and paper better than pen and tablet, but the skill gap is narrowing what with all of my practicing.

Now go visit my entry, “Long Long Time” for the conclusion!


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