Featured Reader: Chris

I am encouraged because one of my readers, Chris, commented on my Bio page recently. I asked him to participate in a brief interview to help me figure out who my audience is and what you all like.

Introducing Chris.

Amanda: How old are you? What is your relationship with schooling – are you in school, do you like or dislike school, and why?

Chris: I am 24 years old. For me school had always been a bit of a challenge. I found it difficult to get interested in the majority of subjects and found myself spending most of my time daydreaming, writing, drawing and sometimes even sleeping. I just couldn’t compel myself to throw myself in there when I wasn’t passionate about what I was learning about. Eventually I was in a position where I had to push myself to get through it all so I would be able to learn about what it is that I love. When I did that I excelled quite well and part of me was proud of what I had done. Not just because I completed what I did but how well I did at doing it. But that only gets you so far. As I noticed you mentioning in one of your blogs, there is a sense of emptiness completing a task when it doesn’t truly reflect who you are. I am currently not in school but when I was in high school I was not too fond of it. I loved the social aspect of it all and everything else that came with the high school package outside of the academic portion but it just didn’t seem like it was for me. As of now I do not love or hate school. Everyone has the right to an education and it makes so many more things possible when you become educated.  As soon as I am able to actually decide what it is I really want to go to school for I know I will be extremely excited.

A: What do you think is a reasonable price to pay for an independently published comic book or graphic novel that grabs your attention?

C: Hmm. That is an interesting question. It also makes me wish that this interview was a little back and forth so I could ask you if you are in the process of making one. Ha ha. I suppose it really depends on a few things which would be, how well known the artist is (even with being independent), the genre and the actual substance. Let’s assume that it is you who is making a graphic novel. You are essentially a virgin when it comes to being a graphic novel artist (if I am mistaken I apologize) so having a hefty price may be needed to cover costs of production and such since you would be working with a small team if it’s not just you. I believe I am getting a little carried away here. Let’s move along. I’m just gonna throw it out there and say anywhere between 8 and 16 dollars should be a reasonable price. I think the biggest factor is how long the series would be going on. Personally if there are going to be many more to follow up it would nice if one would only have to dish out a few bills as opposed to having to break the bank just to enjoy their new addiction. A big problem with art now a days, whether it being written, in music form, paintings or movies is that people forget so much about the actual piece and just focus on making the big money.

A: I do have a graphic novel in the works, however I’ve only just begun the process. I’m sure once things heat up a bit in the coming months I will excitedly start tweeting about it.

Do you have an interest in any particular religion(s) or philosophy? What are you currently doing to explore the subject, if anything?

C: I myself am actually agnostic which many people refer to as the lazy man’s atheist. I don’t completely agree with the statement though because I personally can’t fathom the thought of dying and nothing happening. It just seems so illogically unless you’re really big on the whole science is everything kind of thing and if you can’t prove it, it’s not possible. I just can’t buy it. I believe in one of two things. I return to the earth and my spirit roams around to attach itself to another being about to be born. And two, I am sent to another dimension to live an afterlife. I am completely unhindered by the possibilities of what may or may not happen when I cease to be. Part of me actually finds it rather interesting that it’s a complete mystery and the whole attaching one’s self to a religion so that they don’t fear death doesn’t appeal to me. At the moment I’m looking into a lot of the spirit world. This is mostly just because I have a great interest in the unknown. I actually find quite a bit of beauty in the darker side of the world and I believe through my research (through text and the field) I will be able to understand quite a bit more about the world around us and dive deeper into the possibilities of what may or may not happen after this life expires.

A: What subculture would other people stereotype you as? How are you different or similar to that stereotype?

C: I really have to put a lot of thought into that one. When I was younger it was such an easy answer. I was simply a cookie cutter mold to whatever group I was around. As of now I have matured to the point where I am more of just who I am as an individual. At points of my life I have been a nerd, meathead, emo pretty boy goth, you could even call me a vampire at one point, metalhead, viking, and I’m sure the list goes on. At this point in my life, I have taken bits and pieces from everything I have experienced and compiled them into one consuming them and hence becoming more of who I really am as opposed to fitting into a group. At points in time I was unsure of who I was but as of now I know exactly who I am. I even took some time to ask a few friends what I would be labelled as and they couldn’t really come up with anything. I would have to say that if I would have to be thrown into some kind of group I would have to go with the whole pretty boy metalhead. When I go out I like to wear eye makeup and music is a huge part of my life. I tend to bring my guitar almost everywhere and am usually in the process of working on new material.

A: What topics, themes, or genres would you anticipate my artwork will head towards in the next year?

C: I can imagine that your artwork in the near future or the years to come will definite involve multiple interests of yours into one. I can see you putting together fantasy and science fiction into a piece creating a world of mythological beasts in a futuristic setting. It’s something that isn’t really done and it seems like it would not only spark your interest but would also really pop out and catch the interest of many others. Just thinking about it makes me imagine how a world like that would come to be but I’ll leave those ideas to the creator to come up with. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

A: Chris, many thanks for your contribution of time and spirit to Infinity Is Warm!

If others are reading this, I would also love to hear from you; email me at infinityiswarm@gmail.com


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