Things you didn’t know about me, perhaps.

A letter I recently wrote to a friend of mine in which I discuss my leadership personality as defined by the Jung/Briggs Myers test. You can read about the two types I mention here. Or take the quiz for yourself if you so desire.

About me:

When entering into an illustration project I operate on a loose time framework structured around consideration of my desire for the outcome of a project. As a working illustrator I function as an INTP, and my failures as such are based on a miscalculation of time or my capacity for the technique involved.

In my overall life experience however, I certainly wear the rose colored glasses and the vorpal blade of an INFP. My leadership skillset is based on “understanding” rather than “knowledge,” and that’s the P vs. J difference. I haven’t “lost my sense of wonder” as the article says about INFPs. While in the workplace I am a weak I, T, and P, I take on other characteristics when trying to understand and internalize what I observe and interact with in my free time. I do have that “knightly, quixotic” essence as I am loyal to the cause of helping to aid God’s purpose wherever I go. I certainly don’t spend as much time fantasizing as I did as a kid. Life has crusted over my trust in people somewhat, and being exposed to and needing to live with cynical, cruel people has cut the edge off of my naivete. God has given me a strength of reason and timing I didn’t have before I began to follow him in highschool, and has given me the purpose of delving into sorting through the reality of the human condition, and trying to communicate what I see to others in a meaningful way. Generally my time is devoted to artistic, emotional, situational, and interpersonal “problem solving,” and that is the bulk of what I journal about. (I’m an avid journal writer and occasional poet.) All of this problem solving has a grand theme of the joy I take in learning, usually for the purpose of becoming a better fighter for the Love coming into the world. My art is more about observational commentary than straight up fantasy these days: the life of a cartoonist as I see it.



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2 responses to “Things you didn’t know about me, perhaps.

  1. 'Auntie Joy

    Very good, Amanda! Would you believe – I am also an INFP???? Not a good thing to be, if one is determined to found and run a human service agency, BUT…….. determination can overcome anything, even personality!
    Glad you are writing/journaling, as well as drawing. Do you have a date yet, to leave for NY? Hope to see you before you leave. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. I don’t have a date yet. I got a call from Viacom today which was exciting because I forgot I even contacted them back in December. I will make sure to catch you soon 🙂

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