Cyanide Flower (9/18/10)

The Cyanide Flower is a tiny robot injected into the body’s blood stream in measured doses. It fights cancer in a direct way, and it can be used to collect samples from around the body.

Specs: Autonomous. The needle is contained within body sac and can be moved in and out by positive or negative pressure. The sac can be filled with any kind of liquid with a molecular diameter less than the width of the needle. The bottom plate can be conditioned to attract the flower to certain substances. Deployed empty flowers will collect body samples. Full flowers will inject solution and then go on to collect samples. An x-ray will show the location of the flower clusters for successful recovery, although any flower not recovered has a limited time of one week, after which point it begins to break down.


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One response to “Cyanide Flower (9/18/10)

  1. Auntie Joy

    Wow, Amanda! What a great imagination. I love the delicacy of your drawing of Cyanide Flower too.
    This is a wonderful way to get your name out – keep on posting!!! Thanks for sharing…

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