Dumb Waiter (from 8/21/10)

My page titled “The Weekly Robot” has been updated. Check it out!

Dumb Waiters are robots who perform the job of the waiter or waitress.

Click here to see the robot sketches colored in.

Features: Autonomous. Operates on a rechargeable battery. Custom metal body with each order; mix and match from hundreds of designs. Uses a system of timed magnets to push and pull metal plates, silverware, napkins, cups, and receipt folders in and out of its interior space. Mouth flap opens and closes, to prevent heat or chill loss. Tracked wheels. Sensors detect table edges and items on the table. Customizable set of spoken questions and operational commands, including customizable “off” and “on” commands. The body can be taken apart from sanitization. Dumb Maid is a robot whose look is also customizable, but functions as a vacuum for table and floor crumbs.


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