Last Week: Carlos, the Highway Sweeper Bot

Please visit my new weekly robot on the link above the “Infinity Is Warm” banner. I won’t write this reminder again after next week; I hope it’s not annoying. While I’m getting new visitors I want to direct you to where the action’s at 🙂

Last week’s robot:

Finally, a street sweeper that can work at near-highway speeds. Carlos, the Highway Sweeper Bot is charming American commuters everywhere.

Features: Autonomous. Operates at up to 55 mph. It has a hybrid engine with a low-power setting when idle in a traffic jam. It has the possibility of a 12 foot swept width (the size of a standard highway lane) and optional front or back mounted magnet and high pressure water systems. It’s not capable of operation at night. Program it to follow pre-constructed paths placed on the highway, which will be highly visible to human drivers. Carlos has a collision avoidance system which has succeeded in all safety tests this year.


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