New Robot: Visit the above “The Weekly Robot” section.

The new robot is up!

In case you missed it, here is the page from last week:

In a world where the possibility of a toxic waste spill is imminent, your local Hazmat team would benefit from Scuttles the Hazbot.

Features: Autonomous. Light, durable framework. Shovel-mouth with vacuum seal sucks up and stores hazardous materials (handles up to 1000 lbs, of material). Vents on top are filtered for clean air exhaust. Receptors that test the environment for contaminated materials, and built-in geiger counter. Silent electric engine. Pivoting infrared sensors and low light digital cameras allow for dark operations. Tapered legs make minimum contact with the toxic surface (operates at full capacity in up to 2.5 feet of liquid). Alerts for tank full, backing up, and malfunction. Self-empties into provided containment system. EPA approval pending.


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